Login feature with the Google OAuth 2.0 authorization

The application will store data into the database in the cloud environment. I wanted to use a google user id to distinguish data per users.

Creating Decks

The first thing the user should do is creating a deck. A deck is like a folder of the windows system. You can store word cards into those decks. Of course, you can also edit and update decks after creating it.

Creating Cards

Once you created a deck, next thing is adding cards to it. A card is able to store “Front” value and “Back” value. Typically, “Front” will be store the word itself and “Back” will store the word’s meaning. Certainly, you can also edit and update decks after creating it as well.

Reviewing Cards

This is the fun part of this application. You can review cards by using the Swipe touch gesture. When you swipe a card to the right, the priority of the card will be increased. On the other hand, swiping a card to left will decrease its priority.